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    "I have been using all kinds of creams for years. I'm 60 years old I've had Botox some fillers not much and the needle-less serum is unbelievable! A few people even ask me if I had a facelift and I've only been using it for a week !! I'm going to be ordering the neck cream next. Thank you for this!!"

    "Not only was the customer service I received beyond exceptional, but the products are AMAZING! I am what can be called a product junkie, but I am using the antiaging line and have found excellent results. I will be placing a reorder before this kit runs out!"

    "I have been using the anti-aging kit along with the microdermabrasion scrub for a week now. I can not believe the change in my skin! My skin feels tighter, my pores are smaller, my fine lines are beginning to fade and my skin is brighter! If this is only week one, I can NOT wait to see the continual progress!!"


    Using our Comprehensive Acne System

    In less than 1 month, I would say about 14 days, my face has cleared up I would say about 90%! Yes that's right, 90%. My complexion is much more even and my pores are smaller if not diminished completely, and my skin is all together softer. I have had numerous people ask me what "make up change" I have made. For the first time in 14 years when people ask what make up I'm wearing, I am able to say, this ins't make up... this is my natural skin and its all in great thanks to DRMTLGY.

    "I absolutely love this anti-aging kit! I have seen my skin improve in around a month's time. I used to have milia and it is gone completely. My small wrinkles are disappearing. I am not dried out either and follow their regimen. I will definitely buy this kit again. And it seems to be lasting a while; I would estimate about 3-4 months use out of the kit. "

    "After using DRMTLGY on my face as directed for a couple of months, people are starting to notice how smooth and rejuvenated my facial skin looks. These comments have come unsolicited, so I know they are for real. After reexamining my skin, I could see what they meant. The "hashtag" lines on the sides of my face had smoothed out, and the skin looked very healthy and unwrinkled where lines shown before. I'm very happy with the serum and plan to continue its use. It really does pay to use good quality products, and this one is for real!"

    "I have been using the DRMTLGY products for a month now and am honestly impressed - My fine lines and wrinkles show a significant improvement, pores are definitely diminishing. I am excited to see what the long term use will result to! Thank you for a product that delivers on the claims that it makes! Love it!"

    "I have been using the collagen serum for about a week & just began using the retinol, eye & neck creams. At 51, I figured it was time to step up my skincare routine. So far, I like everything. I can see a softening of the lines around my eyes & my jawline appears to be tightening. I looking forward to seeing the results evolve! Customer service has also been very helpful. "